Servicing a stove entails us pretty much taking apart any removable pieces and thoroughly cleaning it. 

Replacing ropes and other gaskets if they look damaged or have gone hard. Remember this is a gasket. It is designed to seal. If it is not then it will either be drawing too much air in and burning your wood needlessly quick or worse case it can leak smoke and Carbon Monoxide into the room….

Adjusting the closing mechanism so as to ensure a tight seal.  

Cleaning glass or replacing if needed.

Tighten, adjust or replace glass clips and fixings.

Replace any broken fire bricks.

Checking / fitting Carbon Monoxide alarm

Give the exterior a good clean and polish / coat of paint making it look like new. Taking it back to when it was pride of place in your living room.

And of course sweeping the flue and checking all connections and still tight and sealed.

Some stoves can 'walk' as they heat up and cool they expand and contract. The stove can actually move around on its hearth. When this happens it can open up joints. These need to be resealed and riveted to prevent this.

NOTE: Some manufacturers recommend this yearly as preventative maintenance.

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