We can install or supply and install any stove as long as it has the British CE mark on it which can be verified, beware, there are fakes in circulation. This means that it has been bench tested in Britain and meets all standards. We are not allowed to fit it if it hasn't.

You should think twice about buying a cheap stove. You really do get what you pay for , the cheaper the stove, the more likely it is to crack or to leak in or out due to poor construction. It will also be very inefficient. The more leaks from pour construction etc the more air will get in and burn through your wood an lot quicker. 

Please please speak to us about what stove to buy if you want to go down the install only route. There are so many factors to address before committing to a stove. The main one being the size of your room and the size of the fireplace it is going into aswel as many more.

Do not hesitate to call for advise....!!

Normally lining is preferable but if a chimney is made up of pot loners or similar (usually constructed post 1966) then we can use a register plate, with sweeping access and soot doors rather than a closure plate. Not recommended for chimneys on external walls as you cannot insulate them and they will get very dirty very quickly due to being cold and the flue gasses condensing, these we usually line with a flexi liner and insulate....

Building Regs recommendation is Pre 1966, Line it.   However, If there is a question about lining it, go ahead and line it as it will need to be done sooner or later.

Please give us a call or email to arrange a time to come and see you and carry out a very quick survey for compatibility with your existing chimney and fireplace (remember though, you do not even need to have one in the first place) and discuss your needs. 

Please see the gallery page for some of our work to date. Photos added all the time.