Please have a browse of our new range of fire pits and bbqs.

We have been working closely with an old friend who has set up a company called Steel Garden.

They are made by a group of highly skilled engineers working in the off road sector, building special vehicles generally form Land Rovers, though inspiration is often taken form agricultural machinery.

The fire pits are made from the used parts they come across.

All fires are started with a wheel from a van or lorry, some a split rim from some sort of after market wheel. They are put on a jig in the middle of the work shop and as the guys work they may find a part that will make a nice leg and they are away…

Not one part sinew, even small connecting rods or bits that look as though they just make up the construction have a previous life. We scour hedge rows and farm yards etc for old gates, old machinery. We started out looking at Land Rover parts as that is our back ground. We look at anything with any atheistic value. 

We want stuff rustier the better. We cut all parts to size and put them through our tubular*  to get off all rusty dead metal. this leaves the most beautifully textured metal. We then build the fire pit and polish 

* The tubular is an old land rover chassis with the wheels replaced by oil drums full of bricks. This is in a sound proofed shed with water piped in to cool the engine and the exhaust fumes piped out. The land rover is left in low ratio 1st gear on tick over for a day with all of our treasure being tumbled and polished. We have different levels in different drums from bricks down the saw dust.

We welcome anyone who is serious about buying a pit to come and have a look at the operation.It really will galvanise what these things are all about. Plus you could see a part that catches your eye and we can build one to your specs. We must emphasis, there have not been 2 the same yet.

There are always 2 being built at any one time and we hold between 6 and 8 in stock.

There is not a nut and bolt in the whole construction. We actually source more parts with more rust on them the better. This is because after the parts have been through the tumbler and shot blasted they are left with the most beautiful pitted finish but obviously none of the surface rust. Some of the parts, remember, may have done 200,000 miles + on the underside of a Land Rover Defender or hour upon hour toiling in the fields bringing food to someone's plate, possibly even yours. These parts, less their bushes etc, are cast to last. The fire is then constructed by the guys who are highly skilled welders (you will not find a grinder mark on these things). They are then lit. We keep them lit for a day. This checks that the construction is all  ok and the lets the metal cure. Once cooled they then have 4 -6 hours  spent on them polishing with Iron past. This is the black polish you would polish an old hearth, stove or fire surround with. This then cures once you the customer light the fire again.

The cooking plates are again made from a wheel rim and is fired in a furnace for a day and oiled as they cure, just like any good hotplate or skillet etc. 

These are not like your average fire pit that may last a season or two, these will genuinely last forever. The only maintenance is rubbing the plate with a bit of veg oil after cooking and spraying the whole thing down with WD40 or even just a wipe down every now and again with vegetable oil as you go into winter. Every 5 years we recommend another light Iron past-ing.

You will also get an awful lot more heat out of these as the quality of material is so great that it soaks up the heat and concentrates it much like a stove would.

We can deliver anywhere in the world...

Commissions are undertaken. Past jobs include birthday present from a wife to her scaffolding contractor husband. A Lady gave the guys free reign in her husbands John Deer dealership to find the right parts to make him one for his 70th birthday present.

There are around 60 in existence and there are not 2 the same, even the ash cans underneath are complete one offs... Every fire has a name and number tag for further individuality.

Please do call for any prices or further information.

Steel Garden are proud to announce the birth of a fire pit built from a tractor rim which is available for hire. It first outing was at a back stage bar at Glastonbury. Please get us through the contacts page for prices and terms. Pictures to follow....

Keep an eye out for us at various markets, fairs and country shows around the South West to see these awesome creations in the flesh.