We work very closely with a leading Wiltshire based Bio mass installer. Please give us a call for more info or to arrange a site visit for a survey and suitability check.

Most boilers are over 90% efficient.

A rough comparison is Oil costs around 7p per KW/h while wood pellet is around 4p (fluctuates with the markets of course)

We are barely scratching the surface with what renuables we can burn, we are beginning to farm fast growing grasses such as elephant grass and bamboos to turn into pellets.

Even a log for a woodburner is technicaly Bio-Mass

Watch this space, as fossil fuels deplete, Bio Mass will be the future...

Bio-mass though predominantly wood pellet as in the picture above, comes in 3 main different forms.

  • Logs            
  • Wood chip
  • Wood pellet 

Pellet feeds most domestic bio mass boiler These can run from a hopper of any size, most have a small built in hopper that will last 2 -3 days but the size of your hopper really is all but limitless.

Wood chip needs a bit more space and is therefore used on a slightly larger scale. The wood chip needs a big hopper and usually needs to be stirred.

Logs are usually fed into a log gasification boiler, this is a very sophisticated woodburner basically  that is so efficient that is uses to log as a wick for its own gases.

Please see links page for more on the RHI etc.

We also offer supply and instal of all types of silo systems, this includes all infrastructure to accomodate a decent fuel store.

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